Key partner organisations

Here is what our partner organisations told us in their own words.

Photo of Dr Anne Cotton

“This is an exciting opportunity to create modern, sustainable accommodation for local families, and to design areas that build a strong community spirit. We would love to see designs that promote well being, include green spaces and give consideration to car parking and traffic flow”.

Head, Dr Anne Cotton

The Portsmouth Grammar School, the closest school to the site

Photo of Rachael Osborne

“Whilst the building is a sad loss to the area, it is an exciting opportunity to consider the future of this land for housing. We would like to see housing that is in keeping with the area and that compliments the existing architecture of the City Museum. For housing to be considered that is no higher than mid rise, that which would be suitable for families or the older generation, and grounds that provide residents with a space that is a contrast busy city living”

Headteacher, Rachael Osborne

St Jude’s School, the closest state school to the site

Photo of Inspector Marcus Cator

“Policing in Portsmouth celebrates the opportunity for diversity in our communities. Supporting new homes for communities, we are always delighted to welcome those who wish to live within this vibrant and exciting city. When developing new builds, policing is always interesting in how this will impact on the wider community. Some of the key issues which affect happy communities are sensible parking options, careful planning around lighting and pedestrian access and consideration around how and where residents can store refuse and their bins.

We would like to see easy access to and from properties, with safe junctions for traffic management and networking to the infrastructure of Portsmouth roads, forward thinking around cycling and green across to reduce the carbon footprint and the impact on traffic management. Effective crime prevention utilising the cities excellent CCTV network.

Crime and disorder in Portsmouth City has seen a reduction over recent years, thanks to the support of our partners in focusing on elements of this success and new residents bring more opportunities of working closer together to continue to make Portsmouth a safe and vibrant city for all”

Inspector Marcus Cator

Hampshire Constabulary