Nextdoor neighbours

Door knocking

We knocked the door of everyone living or working within 250m of the site at least once.

Hand-delivered flyers

We delivered a flyer to everybody living or working within 250m.

Response rate


of nextdoor neighbours gave us their full feedback.

Drop-in sessions

We ran an all day public open drop-in session at Portsmouth Museum, which we invited everybody living within 250m of the site to.


Do you agree that the records office site is a suitable site for brand new housing and why?

Yes / No

  • Yes 52%
  • No 48%

Grouped reasons neighbours said the site was suitable

Good facilities 22
Brownfield 9
Depends what is built 8
Housing need 7
No other use 5
Site big 2
Desirable location 1

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Detailed reasons residents said the site was suitable

Category Response Number
Good facilities
Close to shops 8
Good transports connections 5
Close to Southsea common 5
Good local facilities 2
Close to sea 2
Make use of empty building 6
Important to use brownfield sites 3
Depends what is built
Depends on what is built 8
Housing need
Need for housing 5
This area needs more affordable housing 1
It's a housing area 1
Site big
Site is big enough 2
Desirable location
People would want to live there 1

Grouped reasons neighbours said the site was not suitable

Traffic 45
Overcrowding 16
Conservation area 16
Near museum 12
Lives of current residents 12
Climate change 11
Access 7
Local developments 7
Site green 6
Site small 5
Infrastructure 4
Near existing home 2

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Grouped reasons residents said the site was not suitable

Category Response Number
Congestion 25
Parking 13
Isle of Wight ferry 4
Roundabout concerns 3
Overcrowding 9
Too much housing being built 7
Conservation area
Demolishing of historic buildings 13
Conservation area concerns 3
Near museum
Too close to attractive museum 8
Negative impact on museum 4
Lives of current residents
Security 3
Right to light 3
Privacy/overlooking 2
Noise 2
Climate change
Air quality 8
Climate change 2
Flooding 1
Local developments
University plans for sports facilities 4
PGS nearby and plans for concert hall 3
Access 6
Emergency services access 1
Site green
Site green 4
Trees 2
Site small
Site too small 4
Not suitable for housing or flats 1
No shops nearby 3
Too little infrastructure near 1
Near existing homes
Too close to Pembroke Park 2

What type of housing do you think would be best for the records office site?

Grouped responses

Good design 60
Elderly 36
Green 34
Low/medium rise 29
Access 18
Affordable 12
Houses 12
Military 8
Flats 8
Respect Pembroke Park 4
Community facilities 4
Vulnerable people 2
Family 2
Other 2
High rise 1

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Detailed responses

Category Response Number
Good design
Sympathetic to design of surrounding area 28
Sympathetic to museum design 12
Sympathetic to Pembroke Park design 4
High quality design 4
Build with bricks 3
Preserve railings around site 3
Sympathetic to design of HH 2
Use existing features of records office 2
Modern or contemporary 1
Reuse lintel from records office entrance 1
Elderly accommodation 27
Residential home 2
Nursing home 2
Supported living for elderly 1
Retirement home 1
Bungalows for elderly people 1
Similar to McCarthy & Stone 1
High end residential care home 1
Save existing green space and trees 17
Preserve trees 12
Include garden 4
Ban hydrocarbon fuelled vehicles 1
Low/medium rise
Low rise 14
Max 3 storeys 6
Lower than museum 5
Max 5 storeys 1
Same height as records office 1
Max 7 storeys 1
Max 4 storeys 1
Get access right 7
Use existing museum access 5
Pedestrian access 3
Remove existing museum access 2
Gated/fenced off 1
Affordable housing 10
Starter homes 2
Houses not flats 6
Town houses 2
Small houses 2
Semi detached 1
Detached 1
Military/veteran housing 8
Flats 3
One block of flats 2
Luxury apartments 2
Block of flats with hollow core 1
Community facilities
More community space 2
Use property for schools or university 1
Include food shop 1
Respect Pembroke Park
Close gate from museum to Pembroke Park 2
Preserve integrity of Pembroke Park 2
Vulnerable people
Housing for mixed needs 1
Housing for vulnerable adults 1
Family units 2
Rent to buy 1
Single person units 1
High rise
High rise 1

What kind of housing would you not like to see and why?

Grouped responses

High rise 37
Students 25
Affordable 18
Poor design 11
Flats 11
Families 7
Other 7
Damage to greenery 3
Elderly 3
Retail 3
Bad access 2
Medium rise 2
Low rise 2
Near Hartford H 1
Street parking 1
Multiple houses 1
Previous plan 1

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Detailed responses

Category Response Number
High rise
High rise 37
Student accommodation 25
Social housing 16
Affordable housing 1
Emergency housing 1
Poor design
Modern 9
Ugly Poor design 2
Flats 6
Luxury flats 4
Block of 1 or 2 bedroom flats 1
Family units 6
Working adults 1
Private developer/don't sell sites 5
Castle 1
Nursery 1
Damage greenery
Don't replace trees and grass with concrete 3
Elderly accommodation 3
Don't use for retail 3
Poor access
No open access to Pembroke Park 1
Don't open private roads for access 1
Medium rise
Medium rise 2
Low rise
Low rise 2
Near Hartford House
Don’t obstruct views from Hartford House 1
Street parking
No street parking 1
Multiple houses
No multiple houses 1
Previous plan
Not previous plan 1

Is there anything else that you would like us to take into account when we are putting together plans for this site?

Grouped responses

Parking 44
Save building 14
Other 6
Protect museum 5
Green space 5
Inform residents 3
Transport 3
Use another site 3
Demolish building 1

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Detailed responses

Category Response Number
Provide enough parking 32
Basement parking 6
Include garage 4
Don't impact HH parking 1
Better parking for everyone 1
Save building
Save records office 13
Is building listed? 1
Relocate Royal Marines Museum 2
Develop empty site on Stone Street 1
Make an exercise area 1
Objects to Ravelin 1
Make sure new buidling doesn't subside 1
Protect museum
Security of museum from this development 3
Build museum café 2
Green space
Turn site into garden 3
Potentially rare animals being displaced 2
Bike storage for every property 2
Use another site
Use empty properties 2
Demolish building
Demolish records office 1